Who created it?


Ed Dulles is a refugee from the financial services sector who, in 2011 at mid career, had to decide: what the !#§@* do I do now? With prior studies in Economics and business, he knew how to sell ideas but really aspired to make a tangible thing that people would want to use.  So, with plenty of free time and a long couch, Ed started to think about what he could make.   Simple. It must be simple. You’re not an engineer, so don’t try to do anything with bytes, circuits, or valves.  He found inspiration in an efficient, compact stovetop toaster, something that he’d wanted and had looked for in stores, but did not yet exist.  Ok, I’ll try to make that.  From then it was a painstaking, milti-year, on-again / off-again ordeal of trial and error, punctuated by the occasional eureka moment.  Ed is originally from Annapolis, MD.

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Root Simple interview


Click on the link to hear a February 2015 interview (50 min) in which Erik Knutzen of the Root Simple blog queried Ed about the inventing process.






Ed Dulles together with Italian housewares company IPAC SpA designed the DeltaToast Model 2.