The toaster for small kitchens

DeltaToast is the best stovetop toaster ever made.

Highly compact, it was designed specifically for small kitchens – in apartments, townhouses, boats, RV’s, etc.  These kitchens have precious little countertop space and not enough to host an electric toaster.  DeltaToast’s stylish triangular or “delta” shape allows for a much more efficient heating relative to the antiquated stovetop alternatives.  So you use less energy and toasting is faster.  

DeltaToast is a radical re-invention of the non-electric toaster.  It holds the bread in a perpendicular position with respect to the heat source and, as a result, the slice is toasted on both sides simultaneously.  With other stovetop and camping toasters you have to flip the bread to toast both sides, while one side is always exposed to cooling from the open air.

Click here to see DeltaToast™ close into its compact, ready for storage position.   

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80 second demo

  • works on gas and electric* cooktops (*see Tips for use)
  • large, adjustable bread slot for oversized and extra thick slices, and even sandwiches!
  • double layered heat shield means crust won't burn
  • 100% stainless steel, dishwasher safe
  • durable, can last for generations
  • zero e-waste = eco-friendly
  • made in Italy, hand assembled